Street Sweepers

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The Importance of Street Sweepers

No one wants to see broken glass and other debris littering their path when walking or driving down the street. If street sweepers didn’t exist, this would be our daily experience. Our roads would be filled with leaves, dirt, sand, glass shards, small metal fragments, and more. 

Thank goodness that’s not the case! We can remove all of these hazards and eyesores quickly and efficiently. But just how do street sweepers work? And in what other ways are they important?

How do street sweepers work?

A street cleaning machine is a vehicle composed of jet sprayers, spinning brushes, and (sometimes) vacuums that all work in unison to remove debris from the roadways. While there are a few different types of street sweepers, their primary functions are all the same. 

A street sweeper first scrubs the dirt and debris from the road. Then, it compacts it into a pile and loads it, either by brushing it onto a conveyor belt or vacuuming it inside the sweeper until it can be disposed of properly.

Street sweeping is good for the environment.

While it’s important to keep the roads looking clean and debris-free, removing particles such as sand and salt from the roadways is also crucial. If these particles are left in the streets, they will eventually make their way to drainage and sewer systems.

When this occurs, salt, sand, and other runoff end up in rivers and lakes, negatively impacting water quality. Street sweepers help protect our waterways and, ultimately, our aquifers–keeping people and wildlife healthier.

Street sweepers are efficient cleaners.

How would roadways, parking lots, garages, and neighborhood streets stay clean and safe without these powerful machines? Imagine how long it would take a person to pick up all the litter by hand and then remove smaller debris with a broom and dustpan? It just isn’t possible to maintain roads this way. 

Although street sweeping vehicles seem like they move slowly, they are equipped with all the right tools to get the job done much more quickly and efficiently than could ever be done manually. 

Street sweepers work!

Street sweeper trucks give us clean and safe roads. When people come to your city, they will take notice of the roads they are driving down and how well those roads are maintained. Street sweeper services provide peace of mind to onlookers and show that you care about your roadways, the safety of the people that travel them, and the environment. 

More Clean of Texas offers commercial and residential street cleaning services. We can help maintain everything from parking lots and neighborhood streets to major roadways and thoroughfares. 

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